essay about bad customer service

they doing wrong and we will give them the chance to improve. My purpose in this paper is to explain the benefits of complaining so we can have enough reasons to act against bad or poor service. I asked for milk, which to me is more nutritious than soda. Study findings show that strong leadership systems focus on customers, motivate employees, and implement their customer service vision.

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essay about bad customer service

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While we were waiting, I watched one rather slovenly worker (with a large grease stain and cheese on his back) throw a "to-go" bag and complain to the people in the back about being busy. If you take a close look at what show more content, i took my family to our local McDonalds for lunch a week ago (after 1 pm) and waited in line for over 25 minutes with only 4 other customers in line before. I recently visited another McDonalds in my area with my kids and my little cousin, then I have another disappointment. Another benefit of complaining is that the bad concept that people had about certain enterprises with bad service will change. When we do not receive what we expect, we are not satisfied and we are paying for something that is not worth. The enterprise's reputation will improve and they will start offering service with quality thanks to previous complaints.

When bad service is given and no one complains about it, people in the enterprise think they are doing a good job and they do not realize they are losing clients. He needed to return to the register for each item, and even then had the order messed. He literally threw my children's orders of French fries on the tray as well as their burgers. Customer-driven operations lead to success. For such things, they need to have good job training and interest in what they do or work. Words: 500 - Pages:.

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