human development essay conclusion

mainly because Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world and as a result, its people cannot afford to buy food, thus causing many of them to die of malnutrition and diseases. Large number of females is working at local level, as well as, abroad. Developed countries usually have high literacy rates compared to the developing countries which is one of the main reasons for their success. Singapore though with very less population of five million and very limited natural resources has developed its human resource to a great extent by investing in education to the extent.7 percent 42 expenditure as percentage of GDP and achieving a remarkable literacy rate.

India is earning much more foreign exchange through remittances from abroad. If a country has a strong economy, there would be lots of jobs available for the people of that country. Similarly, existing health units throughout the country may be used up to optimum level to provide health facilities to all at local levels through good governance with special emphasis on accountability and transparency. Freud was a theorist who wanted to look at humans and how they developed. India India with a population of 1205 million has a labour force of 487 million . The new and improved human development index used by the United Nations consists of four indicators. God gifted natural resources in many forms are readily available and the need is just to explore them according to our requirements and needs. They give examples of the Asian Tigers, who have changed the destiny of their people. Presently, emphasis is on protecting and promoting the health of girls and boys, supporting community learning, strengthening household livelihood security, promoting child rights and gender equity. Future growth of Malaysia is associated with the new economy or the Knowledge-Economy. The third indicator used in the new Human Development Index is the deprivation in economic provisioning. Suggest a way forward to arrive at specific conclusions chapter 2 models OF different countries After having been introduced with the concept of Human Resource Development and challenges for Pakistan in the previous chapter, at this stage the models of HRD in different countries especially.

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