harassment in the workplace essay

feel they do not even need to promptly investigate a complaint. Counteracting inappropriate behavior in the work environment obliges an impressive speculation of time and staff. I believe that we are in need of a stronger federal law. There are many arguments of this nature. A head honcho may even be at risk for provocation by a non-worker, (for example, a merchant or client contingent upon the circumstances. There several reason why is sexual harassment is happening. Sexual Coercion is a kind of provocation which has direct results in some result to the victimized person's occupation. (Roberts, Mann) (2) In Robinson. In addition, the men wrote obscene graffiti directed at the victim all over the plant.

Companies need to institute a sexual harassment policy and stick. However, corporate America is still a long ways away from being rid of the problem.

The harasser can be the victimized person's manager, chief, or colleague. Organizations will likewise profit from expanded laborer gainfulness. "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace." All Answers Ltd. Although the courts are still debating the details of hostile environment cases, the Supreme Court remains strong it its view that federal law prohibits that type of sexual discrimination. Physical badgering incorporates tacky activity, for example, touching of a personal body part, tapping, squeezing, stroking, looking over against the body, embracing, kissing, petting and rape. In sexual intimidation, advancement and ideal occupation advantages will take after if a worker takes the focal point and agreed to sex. Reference Copied to Clipboard. It can make people feel very uncomfortable and is often less easy to recognize. It not only affects the peons in a company but reaches management, especially when the company or supervisor ignores the problem. Vref1 titleSexual Harassment in the Workplace m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard.

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