what is an oral history essay

Rebellion mainly Hakka women with unbound feet fought both as soldiers and generals against the Manchu government. Conservative nationalists and traditionalists in Japan and China at different times reacted by mounting long campaigns against any change in gender roles. In spite of these efforts, conservative legislators reasserted NeoConfucian family values by passing restrictive laws, codes, and a new constitution. During the expansion of trade during the Chinas Song dynasty women were heavily recruited to work in the cotton and silk mills as spinners and weavers. What of the self-serving motives of the story teller? When they speak, they don't use punctuation. Japanese girls today still learn to use this long sword.

Ultimately female activists were labeled unseemly, unfeminine, and too western. Well, many of the same problems arise in using written records. Using the slogan, Down with Confucius and his disciples they sought personal fulfillment and fought for substantial changes in womens legal status. Interestingly, while technology in the form of the tape recorder is responsible in part for the spread of oral history techniques, technology is also to blame in part for the need for oral history. American Indian History, american Revolution, arts Culture, city Regional History. Oral history has come of age and now commands a receptive, respectful audience. Written by the female historian Ban Zhoa (Han dynasty,. Because oral history uses spoken, not written sources, the allowable evidence expands. In addition, readers and listeners will add their own interpretations in trying to understand what the narrator said. The state also failed to deal with opposition to the progressive changes embodied in the Marriage Law of 1950, which granted young people the right to choose their own marriage partners, and women to initiate divorce and to inherit property.