humor in our lives essay

attributes like obesity norman rockwell research paper and. What is your topic? The most important ones are sarcasm, parodic, burlesque, ironic, bonding in the moment and self deprecating. Where does it appear? It would be good to lead ones own life with good humour besides making some others life happy.

Generally people with good humor makes people around them happy and they too lead a comfortable life. Humor is the ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing or comical. Leave that to the professionals. This is not necessarily ironic(Nichol). It is something that we are constantly surrounded by, something that people use to fall back on when life gets too serious, something that unites people together if they can laugh at the same joke. Humor can be learned. Whereas there are people like charlis Chaplin who makes others happy with their humor despite of their personal problems. In my opinion they live a life without a meaning, but in this I dont say that if you dont have sense of humor you will not be a person with success. All humorous texts invite a certain response from its audience; however people can choose to read with the text and laugh at what is being ridiculed, or show more content, because I come from an Asian culture and it is a cultural belief that our.

Home Free Essays Sense Of Humor Essay. It is also a trait of appreciating the humorous, you cant live without humor it is inexplicable (McMahon). Our humour is seen through our use of slang, print cartoons, radio sketches, comedy series on television, films, everyday life and in Australian literature. Research Papers 537 words (1.5 pages).

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