latin america and french revolution essays

movement. The events that led to this revolution became so enormous and enlightened the world against oppressive rules and institutions. The army defeated Hidalgo in 1811. In particular the French Revolution can be said to have triggered the Latin American Revolution through the interaction of Bolivar with Napoleon Bonaparte. Of great importance is the fact that the political institutions got liberated from their historical tyrannical nature. Comparing the Different Results of the Revolution in Latin America and Europe. Padre Miguel Hidalgo was a priest in a small village of Dolores.

The struggles for liberation and creation of liberal institutions that Bolivar witnessed in France while with Napoleon pushed him to advocate for the same liberation in Latin America that still stalled under ancient institutions that had no respect for human rights. These events greatly influenced Bolivar. In 1791, 100,000 enslaved Africans rose in revolt. The success of the French Revolution thus ushered in a new season of liberty in France and inspired the Latin Americans to also seek their independence. For a long historical period, the Spanish and Portuguese colonies had fallen into economic deprivation. By the late 1700s, colonists in Latin America, already aware of Enlightenment ideas, were electrified to hear of the American and French Revolutions.

Venezuela declared independence in 1811. So pushing was the urge to decolonize Latin America from Portuguese and Spanish institutions that Bolivar ended up leading the struggles for freedom. Equality and respect for human rights was greatly enhanced with the new era of enlightenment and civil liberty. These events reflect the unfolding transformations in the aftermath of the Latin American revolution. The French Revolution took place in 1789 after a powerful push for independence by the French people. Protestants have been discriminated against, as have been Jews. The coming of the age of Enlightenment in France led to more push for the establishment of liberal institutions and government with respect for human rights. They followed the ideas of Voltaire, John Locke, and others.