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rely on knowledge of the English language. In addition, she must continue to balance her efforts in school with her job working with Ma at the factory. Ma is able to get a job at the factory, but she needs Kimberly to come help her in order to finish the work in time every night. They became friends as Annette helped Kim with English and Kim taught Annette how to speak Chinese. She deals with bullies and alienation because of her status as an immigrant living in extreme poverty. How did you begin writing? Writing was not really seen as a profession in my family, and I thought I would go into math and science. She ultimately finds a run-down apartment for Kimberly and her mother to live.

When Kim does find her way to the classroom, the teacher,. How did your family react to your decision to become a writer? Update this section, after you claim a section youll have 24 hours to send in a draft.

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While the apartment doesnt seem safe, its in a bad neighborhood and infested with rats and cockroaches, Kimberly and her mother attempt to make the best of the situation. Everything is lost, everything gets adapted, and I think when youre a young immigrant you can see it from all sides. Annette gave Kim a small stuffed panda bear, which Kim loved. She did get embarrassed again by her bad English, but a girl named Annette Avery was nice to her and became Kims first school friend. To her surprise, Kim is accepted into Harrison Prep on a full scholarship. Kim is amazed that not only are there animals in the house without fleas, but there is fruit sitting out uncovered and no roaches are running. When I look back Im amazed that he was able to save for a gift, and that he bought me a diary instead of a toy or a Barbie eighteenth-century english literature modern essays in criticism doll. By the time she realizes she has feelings for him, though, Matt has started seeing another girl. You can help us out by revising, improving and updating this section. I didnt know how to do any of the things that Chinese girls are supposed to be able to do like make dumplings, and cook and boil, and iron and vacuum. .