causes and results of the american revolution essay

the colonial elite who did most legal transactions and read the newspapers. Again, the overbearing hauteur of many of the royal governors, who were supposed to represent the king, was distasteful to a people who believed themselves as good as any other Englishmen. How England Instigated The American Revolution. But, it was a small one and this was not to be the end of the struggle. The Americans were completely ignoring the tea tax, merely smuggling in foreign tea.

They would lay awake at night with fear for their children embedded essays for asian institute of management in their hearts like a knife. And there you have the causes of the American Revolution. This was the right thing for Britain to do, as it reminded the colonies that they were in fact under British rule. The expenditure of life and treasure has often been exceeded, but the effect on the political life of the world is not easy to parallel. The Prime Minister claimed that the Colonists were?virtually represented?

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