thesis on cricket stadium

- zoning the stadium for safe escapefrom tire, and subdividing the stadium for crowd management. I would also like to thank all the managers of the various Departments that I visited for helping me gain therequired knowledge and giving me time from their busy the end I would like to thank apeejay School of Architecture Planning, for Providing me with. Lobby 33 players area SQM. To access the requirement of sports complex in the light of regional potentials and aspirations of the people. To allowspectators a clear, direct and continuous line of egress from the building (though this is not always possible). This has the advantage of increasing the flow space outwards. Generally the cricket pitches in England are mostly favourable for swing than any part of this world.

An allowance of 6m is given for drainage, electricity, dugout etc. Detaileddesign notes are given in SectionLocation of gatesThe location of entrance gates in the perimeter barrier will depend on three factors which may to some degreeconflict with each other, requiring an early decision on priorities: To avoid congestion entrances should be spaced at regular intervals. Quiet or sate areas should be provided off the sides of the circulation routes much as l ay-bys are provided besidemotorways.

Any academic assignmentor venture cannot be accomplished without the able guidance of the teachers. Boundaries and easements Boundaries and easements are marked on site? This thesis is being submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree. Roof OF stadia. Public entrancesIn some stadia, checking of tickets coming into the Grounds is made at this perimeter point: in others it is made atthe stadium entrances between Zones 3 and 2; in yet others by some combination of the rcumnavigation between gatesIf control is exercised.

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