brassica juncea research paper

and positively associated with leaf width (0.161 leaves per plant cbs master thesis contract (0.033 plant height (0.144 primary branches per plant (0.015 main raceme length (0.365 siliqua per main raceme (0.266 seeds per silique (0.205 1000-seed weight (0.232) and silique. Genotypes into various groups was not due to of its origination from diverse ecological zones of the country and world. Among all the parameters, maximum variance was recorded for pod shattering (427.2) followed by plant height (345.6 days to 100 flowering (336.2) and main raceme length (210.0). Among all the studied cultivars, significant diversity was recorded for different agro-morphological characters.

In the total variability the contribution of PC-V was observed.89 and the parameter.e. So for the prosperity of the country, it is essential to increase the production of these crops and for maximum production, exploitation of genetic diversity of these crops is essential. You can find new. Principal components (PCs) of agronomic traits among. During the present investigation among different accessions of Brassica juncea. Available at ssrn: m/abstract1090304. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (cfia) has published this document in order to provide technical information solely with respect to brassica juncea research paper the various. Contribution of morphological traits in the first two principal components. Since tapetal mitochondria exhibited abnormal behaviour, analysis of mt-DNA has also been initiated.

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